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Model 008-035-335Model 008-035-335
Model 181-087-510Model 181-087-510
Model 010-064-101Model 010-064-101
Model 144-077-246Model 144-077-246
Model 019-011-208Model 019-011-208
Model 019-011-311Model 019-011-311
Model 020-077-183Model 020-077-183
Model 020-087-017Model 020-087-017
Model 035-064-139Model 035-064-139
Model 035-087-013Model 035-087-013
Model 035-087-087Model 035-087-087
Model 039-060-119Model 039-060-119
Model 108-087-379Model 108-087-379
Model 141-077-183Model 141-077-183
Model 141-077-466Model 141-077-466
Model 140-034-511-A ComfortModel 140-034-511-A Comfort
Model 144-011-183Model 144-011-183
Model 008-077-335Model 008-077-335
Model 182-077-511Model 182-077-511
Model 011-064-156Model 011-064-156
Model 142-014-466Model 142-014-466
Model 019-011-017Model 019-011-017
Model 094-025-028Model 094-025-028
Model 085-075-028Model 085-075-028
Model 180-075-038Model 180-075-038
Model 077-075-165Model 077-075-165
Model 089-076-028Model 089-076-028
Model 123-225-070Model 123-225-070
Model 133-225-489Model 133-225-489

Diamant dancing shoes are made in Germany, this family shoemaker business has been manufacturing shoes since 1873! Diamant Dance Shoes are very light, flexible and comfortable yet also durable, breathable ad sweat resistant to meet the needs of recreational, amateur and professional dancers alike. When selecting the materials for the various Diamant styles of dancing shoes, this shoe manufacturer acts responsibly and complies with all European standards. The leathers, suede and other materials are sourced from Germany, Italy and England and Diamant maintains long term business relationships with suppliers committed to continuously improving these materials that are used in these unique and beautifully designed dancing shoes. Diamant offers a line of comfort shoes, with comfort inlay in various styles of men's and ladies Ballroom, Latin, competition and practice shoes including ballroom sneakers for men.