Review by Kim Maksym, November 14, 2023

I had such a lovely appointment with Christine Wells of "Dancing Shoes", last week. Like the shoes she fits your feet perfectly with, her home, and her talents, are a perfect fit for her dancing shoe business. Being a dancer of 16 years, I marvel that I still continue to have lots to learn with how my feet should be positioned in my dance shoes. I can't believe how comfortable my dance shoes are when she fits the insoles or inserts in them with such precision and attention to detail. I wish this service was available when I am putting on my dance shoes at each dance:) In the hour I was with her, my feet and I felt elegantly pampered. This is a customized experience I highly recommend. We are so blessed to have "Christine Wells and her Dancing Shoes" in our own Edmonton Dance Community.

Review by Véronique, April, 2023

I had an amazing time at Dancing Shoes’ buying my first dance shoes (at 46!). I didn’t really think I’d find shoes fitting with my big, wide and arthritic feet. I easily did with Christine’s help! I’m now the more than happy owner of a beautiful pair that makes my foot look quite fantastic (Art Sport Dance Shoes by Ray Rose) AND a pair of shoes for a Princess (Diamant). Christine understood the challenges of my feet and introduced me to a wide variety of shoes available in her showroom and the possibilities I could order from a catalog if I desire. Christine took the time I needed to find the right shoe for me. I felt privileged throughout the whole process. I highly recommend her, above others, for her impeccable service and warm personality. It is clear to me that I will order my next dance shoes via Christine Wells. Glitter for the next ones!

Ciao, Ciao !

Review by Julia, February, 2023

Christine Wells has gone above and beyond the call of duty with my last dancing shoe order. I have a very narrow foot and had specific requirements regarding the strap, the heel height etc. When the shoes arrived, the strap was not the one we selected. Christine took it upon herself to make the inquires as to our options. She always gave me the choice as to how we proceed with our challenges. With her due diligence I finally received the shoes I ordered. They are a perfect fit and I love them.

Thank you, Christine!

Review by Steve, October 17, 2022

I love gliding across the floor in my new Variospin dance sneakers After a night of dancing I give the soles a quick wipe and they're good to go for next time. Thank you Christine and can't wait to get my next pair!

Steve is an avid West Coast Swing dancer who purchased the Diamant Dance Sneaker with the VarioSpin soles, a new synthetic sole that is very popular with dancers in Europe and is growing in popularity here in North America. See the four styles of dance sneakers available in black leather & suede, red, blue or black suede and mesh in the Diamant catalogue.

Review by Cora & Guy, September 27, 2022

Thanks for seeing us yesterday - your customer service skills are exemplary, something that isn't seen much these days.

Review by Ruth April 9, 2022

I had a wonderful time buying ballroom dance shoes from Christine. She has a beautiful showroom and made finding shoes fun. She listened carefully to what I needed and was able to show me a variety of shoes in her shop and from a catalogue that would be possibilities. Christine took the time to find the shoe that fit me best. I was really impressed when she continued to keep her eye open for other possibilities even after our appointment.

Christine went over and above to find the perfect shoes for me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone shopping for ballroom dance shoes.

Review by George March 23, 2022

Christine is such a professional, takes great care in fitting and making sure the gentleman is happy with his purchase. She is welcoming, warm and helpful. I would recommend Dancing Shoes to anyone in need of dance footwear. You won’t be disappointed!

Review by Christine March 23, 2022

I have been purchasing my dancing shoes from Christine for a few years now. It is such a lovely experience, where you feel pampered and taken good care of while you shop at your leisure.

Christine has a beautiful selection of dance shoes, from practice to cowboy boots, salsa to formal ballroom shoes. Something for everybody. Thank you Christine, you are a gem.

Review by Kim Maksym, March 14, 2022

“Dancing Shoes”

What a lovely experience I had with Christine Wells this week. She has a spectacular set up for her business. I was so surprised when she brought out approx. 10 boxes of dancing shoes for me to try on - all in my size, different heel heights, colours, styles, different types of shoes for different dancing styles. I fell in love with too many shoes! It’s fun to have so many on my wish list. In the hour I was with her, my feet and I felt very pampered.

I have ordered dance shoes online once before. The shoes did not fit and I had to return them, which was my return shipping cost. Christine really takes the time to make certain the shoes are a perfect, comfortable fit. It’s a customized experience I highly recommend, and we are blessed “Dancing Shoes” is in Edmonton.

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Review by Tammy, March 12, 2022

Thanks for the shoes, the customer service was excellent!

Review by Daena, March 6, 2022

Unique Dance Shoe Shopping Experience!

Christine is very professional and clearly knows sizing and fit of dance shoes with heels. There were many options of shoes as well as closed toed shoes and boots. Her attention to detail is amazing. What a fun experience! I felt like Cinderella for an hour.